Diagnostic Equipments/ Medical Technology
The hospital boasts of some of the most modern Operation Theatre Complex having five modular O.Ts., which are equipped with all necessary equipments to carry out all surgical procedures mentioned. Some of the equipments worth mentioning are:

Electro Surgical units
Electrosurgical units cut tissues and stop surgical bleeding by coagulating the blood during surgery. These units are used to prevent too much bleeding during surgery and are implemented to control and stop the blood flow. Electricity is effectively used as both knife and tourniquet, reducing the blood loss from patient body.

Operating microscope
An operating microscope is an optical microscope specifically designed to be used in a surgical setting, typically to perform microsurgery.
  • C Arm.
  • Complete set of laproscope with 3D camera and monitor.
  • Craniotome for emergency craniotomy.
  • Advance drilling equipment for orthopaedic surgery.
  • All varieties of Uro-endoscope.
A compact CSSD Department supplying sterilized material not only for O.T. but the entire hospital. A full-fledged imaging department having Conventional Digital Radiology equipment with image intensifier, Ultrasonography, Color Doppler, Bone Densitometry, Mammography, CT Scan. A full-fledged dialysis unit having eight dialysis machines. A 20 bedded ICU with ICU beds, individual patient monitoring with central console, ventilators, Infusion pumps and other cardio respiratory resuscitation equipment.
A modern 22 bedded nursery for infants and neonates with all facilities like infant ventilators, warmers, incubators & infusion pumps etc. A very well equipped Laboratory with facilities of Clinical Pathology, Hematology, Microbiology, Histopathology, Cytology and biochemistry. The Laboratory is duly accredited by National Accreditation Board for Laboratory. A well equipped physiotherapy unit with all necessary equipment & personnel facility. A full-fledged dentistry unit with all essential equipments including a dental X-ray.
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